Exclusive finca residence with a lot of character and beautiful sunsets over Puerto de Andratx

There are highlights in our profession. Properties that leave us without words. This authentic and yet recently built country home embraces all the dreams of clients who seek a special home full of character in an exclusive, love-filled and enchanted location.

One would think it impossible: “Find me a recently built country home with a rustic, authentic look with good sea views. It must be close to a natural harbour where I can moor my yacht. I need to see the sunsets from my terrace, have a main house for the family and separate private guest

accommodation, with plentiful parking for as many my cars as I choose. We want our own well, beautiful gardens (fruit trees are a must!) – and my wife loves manicured lawns, but also a wild garden, at least 40.000 m2 plus, where rabbits and birds of all kinds can flourish. Ideally we would love

to walk or cycle to the village and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a sea side village. Would it be too much to see the fishermen return each evening repairing their nets? Sorry … we must have got carried away! Well, do you ever get something like this?”

First Mallorca has existed for 20 years. It would have been a NO for the past 20 years, however NOW we can confirm, we have everything you are looking for. Come and join us for a viewing!

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